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Company Profile

Richard Baker has been designing furniture for more than twenty years, he trained in his father’s workshop in Chelsea and then moved on to launch his own furniture company with his wife Rachel. Over the years he has worked with a variety of clients and works extensively on building relationships with both trade and retail customers allowing him to develop his distinctive style to suit a wide range of homes.

The furniture we see today has been a culmination of years of dedication and experience. He continues to evolve and create new designs for a ever changing market place. The furniture is designed to meet the demands of clients who want a well designed product at a fair price.

Rachel’s role has expanded over the years, not only is she in control of all PR and advertising she also looks after the team including the other studios.

Sam Beere joined the company two years ago as Richard's right hand man. He came with the highest recommendation from one of Richard's clients. Since joining he has developed the business into a well managed organisation. He works with both the design and manufacturing team as well as clients both trade and retail.

To help the business grow Richard has decided to join in partnership with people who share his passion for high quality furniture. He has appointed and opened design studios in Chiddingfold, Guildford and Marlow. He is proud to have found partners with whom he shares his passion for well designed furniture and who want to offer the highest service and quality to their clients.